Questions and answers

Q.  Can I ask for a home visit?

A. Yes. Speak to the Pastor , or any of the Leadership Team who will arrange a home visit

Q. What do I wear in church?

A. Anything that is comfortable. you don't have to wear your Sunday best. 

Q. Do I need to bring a Bible?

A. Under current conditions we cannot hand out bibles, so you need to bring your own.

Q. can I get a cuppa at the service?

A. No. Because of Coronavirus conditions, no food or drink is being served.

Q. Are children catered for at Church?

A. We don't have a crèche or Sunday School unfortunately, but children are most welcome in the service

Q. Can I speak to someone in confidence?

A. yes. We we adhere to a Safeguarding Policy that protects vulnerable children and adults and any confidential interview must adhere to that policy. But do not be afraid to ask to speak to the Pastor,or a member of the Leadership Team

Q. Can I ask for a hymn book if I cannot read the overhead screen?

A. At the present, we are not allowed congregational singing, so I am afraid, no.

Q. Can I hire the church premises for private functions

A. Normally, unfortunately no as the premises are used by Dolphin School during the week. Saturday hire is at the discretion of the Church leadership. 

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Page last updated: 10th September 2020 7:29 PM