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September 5th.   Luke 18:31-34.    Jesus foretells his death a third time

September 12th. Luke 18:35-43.    Jesus heals a blind beggar

September 19th. Luke 19:1-10.      Jesus and Zacchaeus

September 25th. Luke 19:11-27     Parable of the Ten Minas

October 3rd.        Luke 19:28-40.   The Triumphal Entry

October 10th.      Luke 19:41-48.   Jesus weeps over Jerusalem and cleanses the temple

October 17th.      Luke 20:1-8        Jesus' authority is challenged

October 24th.      Luke 20:9-18       The wicked tenants

October 31st.      Luke 20:19-47     Tricky questions put to Jesus

November 7th.    Luke 21:1-38.      Warnings of times ahead

November 14th.  Luke 22:1-38       Jesus' last days with his disciples before his arrest.

November 21st    Luke 22:39-71    Jesus arrest and interrogation

November 28th.   Luke 23:1-25      Jesus with Pilate and Herod

December 5th.     Luke 23:26-56    Jesus crucifixion and burial

December 12th    Luke 24:1-51      He is alive

December 19th.   Matthew 2:1-18. The Wise Men's visit and Herod's response:

Recommence   9th January when we start to look at the Book of James. 

All studies commence at 10:30 in the Northcote Room on Wednesday mornings, and led by

Les Rees-Partridge