Questions and answers

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Q.  Can I ask for a home visit?

A. Yes. Speak to the Pastor , or any of the Leadership Team who will arrange a home visit

Q. What do I wear in church?

A. Anything that is comfortable. you don't have to wear your Sunday best. 

Q. Do I need to bring a Bible?

A. If you have one, fine. But don't worry, we have enough Bibles to go round and you will be offered one when you arrive.

Q. can I get a cuppa at the service?

A. Yes. We have a time of tea, coffee and biscuits from 10:30am until the start of the service at 11am

Q. Are children catered for at Church?

A. We don't have a crèche or Sunday School unfortunately, but children are most welcome in the service

Q. Can I speak to someone in confidence?

A. yes. We we adhere to a Safeguarding Policy that protects vulnerable children and adults and any confidential interview must adhere to that policy. But do not be afraid to ask to speak to the Pastor,or a member of the Leadership Team

Q. Can I ask for a hymn book if I cannot read the overhead screen?

A. Yes. Although some songs and hymns are not in the hymn book, most are. And don't worry if you can't sing in tune- you will be in good company. A music group will help to encourage you in your singing.